Our Mission

When I was little I would sit in my room for hours & make paper dresses from scrapbook paper. As the years passed, I found a love for clothes. I always had my own unique style… some might say a little funky at times. When I got to high school, I stumbled into a job at a boutique. I grew into the person I am during my time at this job, but always felt like so much more than just a job. I loved meeting new people, making connections, & helping people to feel confident in themselves. A prayer formed in my heart, that one day I would be able to have my very own business that I could use to make a difference. In 2022 this prayer began taking shape.

At Upward Trend Boutique, our mission is to inspire confidence through fashion and community. We aim to help others realize that everyday may not be perfect; we fall, we cry, we fail, but it’s the getting back up that counts. As long as we are on an Upward Trend, we are making progress to something new.🤍